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Everyone has a different reason to save, whether it's buying a car, improving your home or getting married. You might just need a place to put your spare cash where you know it's safe and earning interest. We have a wide range of savings accounts, from instant access to fixed term accounts so there’s bound to be one to suit.

Savings calculators

  • If you're savings for something specific, use this calculator to see how much you need to put away each month.

    Savings goal
  • Get an idea of your return when investing a lump sum amount in a fund or other investment.

    Lump sum investments
  • Calculates the difference between saving and borrowing to help you weigh up whether to take a loan or save up.

    Savings versus debt
  • If you're already saving every month, our savings over time calculator will show you how your savings could grow.

    Savings over time
  • Get a quick view on how much your pension could be reduced by the longer you wait to get started.

    Pension shortfall
  • Get an idea of the potential inheritance tax (IHT) liability on a person's estate at death.

    Inheritance tax

Help and support

Interest rates

You can view a list of all of our accounts that are currently available.

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Maturity instructions

What to do if your fixed-term product is maturing.

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Let us help you make more of your money

Our Customers often tell us how important it is for them to make savings work as hard as possible. That's why we offer a free savings review in our branches, to help savers take a fresh look at their savings accounts.

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Savings Promise

Through our Savings Promise, we aim to ensure that our existing members get the most beneficial deals and that we are open, honest and informative about our rates and market positioning.

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