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Savings Accounts

Everyone has a different reason to save, whether it's buying a car, improving your home or getting married. You might just need a place to put your spare cash where you know it's safe and earning interest. We have a wide range of savings accounts, from instant access to fixed term accounts so there’s bound to be one to suit. Find out about Our Savings Promise

Personal Savings Allowance (PSA)

From 6 April 2016 most people will no longer pay tax on their cash savings. We will stop deducting Tax from the interest on all of our savings accounts. Find out more about the new Personal Savings Allowance.

Protecting your money

Online Savings Accounts

If you like the convenience of using the internet to help manage your savings, then these online savings accounts with their great rates of interest could be right for you!

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Immediate Access Savings Accounts

Need to access your money without notice? Then the immediate access savings accounts offer you access to your money when you want it.

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Cash ISA Savings Accounts

We have a range of Cash ISAs to choose from including immediate access and fixed rate Cash ISAs

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Fixed Rate Savings Accounts & Bonds

If you don't need access to your savings for a set period of time then one of our fixed rate savings bonds could be for you.

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Children's Savings Accounts

From saving for a hamster to saving up for university our savings accounts for children can help meet your savings goals.

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Notice Savings Accounts

If you don't need access to your savings for a set period of time then our notice savings account could be right for you.

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Business Savings Accounts

A range of immediate access and fixed rate products to suit the savings needs of your business. We have business savings accounts for small businesses, limited companies, charities, clubs and solicitors.

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