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Customers are at the heart of everything we do

We truly believe that members are the beating heart of our organisation. Without members, we simply wouldn't exist! We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. With that in mind, if we haven't met your expectations, we would like to hear from you to better ourselves and our ongoing journey to be the best.

How do i let you know how i feel?

It's as simple as getting in touch with us.

We have a complaints procedure that you can use - we'll do our very best to address things quickly and fairly.

Where do i find the complaints procedure?

You can find the document here - Complaints procedure

What happens next?

We'll work hard to resolve your complaint as quickly and fairly as we can.

For more complex complaints, we may need more time to investigate your concerns, but do bear with us while we get to the bottom of things.

We promise to:

  • Acknowledge your complaint - we'll let you know we have received your complaint and let you know the next steps we're taking to address your concerns.
  • We'll then investigate for you and update your of the progress we are making - so you know, we have up to eight weeks to do this, but aim to get back in contact with you sooner.
  • Complaints about payments (money in and out of your account) have a deadline of 15 days - this means we'll get back to you within 15 days of you raising your complaint. (In exceptional circumstances, we have 35 days to get back to you)
  • If we can't meet these deadlines, we promise to contact you and explain how we are getting on, and when we'll be in touch again.

What are the outcomes of a complaint?

Communication When will I receive this? What information does it contain?
Summary Resolution letter Within 3 working says, if we've been able to resolve your complaint, you'll receive this letter.  This is a standard letter informing you that we've been able to resolve your complaint.
Final Response letter If we've not been able to resolve your complaint, to your satisfaction within 3 days, we'll send you this letter. This letter will outline details of your concerns raised, what we've done about your concerns, if applicable, and inform you of the decision made. We'll also outline next steps, if applicable.

In many cases, the good news is that we are able to resolve complaints quickly and fairly. After all, as a member of Saffron, you are at the heart of everything we do.

What can i do if i'm not satisfied with your Summary Resolution or Final Response letter?

If, after receiving either a Summary Resolution letter or Final Response letter, you feel your complaint has not been dealt with satisfactorily, you have the option to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

This service is free to use. we'll send you details of how to contact the FOS in our Summary Resolution and/or Final Response letters.