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About Saffron

 We pride ourselves on being a mutual organisation, which means we're owned by you, our members, and exist solely for your benefit. 

Here you’ll find out about our commitments to our customers, to the community and to being a mutual, as well as our wide range of services. If you want to know about the Society's management structure or current financial position you can meet the senior management team and view our latest financial reports. We offer a variety of mortgage products to meet a range of individual needs and we also assist with remortgages and further advances. We offer a range of savings and investment products including cash ISA's, notice accounts, immediate access and children's savings. If there is anything you feel isn't covered then please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Below you will find our values and our 5 year strategy for the Society. As a Society we are committed to play a tangible role in improving the financial wellbeing to our Members and communities, we believe we have a responsibility to support our Members and partners in achieving their goals.

Our values


We take pride in providing excellent service, whether that’s face-to-face in branch or through digital platforms. Customers are individuals to us. We listen and respond proactively to their needs, drawing on our experience and understanding to give excellent service. We take pride in doing things right.

Problem Solving

Personally, and as a business, we are driven by the needs of our customers. We recognise that situations and people vary and we don’t believe that one size should fit all. We love to solve problems and are flexible and adaptable enough to change. This is what drives the development of new products and ways of working. 


We are committed to doing our best for our customers and our colleagues and take responsibility for the service we provide. As a building we are responsible for the financial wellbeing of our Members and we embrace that challenge.


The Saffron has been rooted in its community for over 170 years, it’s at the very core of our business. While our community has grown to include Members across the country, our sense of responsibility and connection is unchanged. We are here to protect our community and ensure that it thrives.