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Let us help you make more of your money

Want to make the most of the savings you have? There's no need to miss out. As a Saffron Saver, you have access to a free savings review with one of our consultants, and together we'll take a look at your options over the phone.

A look at our savings review

Everyone has a different reason to save, whether it’s buying a car, improving your home or getting married. You might just need a place to put your spare cash where you know it’s safe and earning interest. We have a range of savings accounts, from instant access to fixed term accounts so there’s bound to be one to suit you.

Our members often tell us how important it is for them to make savings work as hard as possible. That’s why we offer a free savings review in our branches, to help savers take a fresh look at their savings accounts.

We can often find a better way to organise things – keeping some money handy, just in case it’s needed, and looking at our other accounts that offer even better returns for the rest.

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