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Green Hub

In association with the launch of our new Green products; our Enviro Saver and Retro Fit Mortgage, we have created an eco-focused space to help us all become a little more environmentally conscious.

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Welcome to Saffron Building Society's Green Hub

Our vision is that as a society and throughout our communities, we can all take small steps to reduce our carbon footprint and reach a greener future for everyone. The Hub is designed to provide broad but detailed information covering the diverse ways that we can make eco-friendly changes to our lives, from utilising our online resources to help reduce emissions, to getting the whole family involved in challenges and activities that create environmentally friendly households!

We are believers in the power of community and we are confident in our collective ability to make a difference. So, with the help of our Green Hub, we hope you feel inspired to take those first few steps to a greener future, today.