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Children's Regular Saver (Issue 2)

A children's savings account to help them learn to start saving and get them into the savings habit. With help from Jenny and Rory, this account will teach children how to save towards a goal and have fun along the way.

When you open a Children's Regular Saver (Issue 2) your Welcome Pack has some helpful things to get you started. A Savings Chart, to remind you to save each month, you can use the stickers to help you track how much you have saved and watch your money grow. And finally your Children's Passbook to help you keep track of what you have paid in.

Every month you can come into your local branch as many times as you like, and put your pocket money or birthday money into your account, up to the value of £100. This will help you save for the things you really want to buy.

Throughout the year we want to be in touch with you or your guardian via email to help you keep on track with your savings. We will give you savings tips and tell you when we are having events, giveaways or competitions!

This account can be withdrawn at any time.

Perfect if you...

    • Want to learn good savings habits
    • Want to save each month
    • Regular updates on your savings progressive and helpful welcome pack to get started

Just remember...

  • You will need a minimum balance of £5 to open the account
  • You must be a UK resident aged 15 or under
  • You must have an adult act as signatory if aged under 13

Summary box

* The gross rate is the rate before deducting tax at the rate applicable to savings income. The annual equivalent rate (AER) is a notional rate which illustrates what the gross interest rate would be if the interest was paid and added to the account annually.

Account Specific Rules and Criteria – Effective from 2 April 2020

Where the Savings Terms & Conditions are inconsistent with the account specific rules and criteria, these account specific rules and criteria will apply and will take priority.

  1. All funds invested belong to the child.
  2. You need to tell HMRC if your child earns more than £100 in interest from money given by one parent, or more than £200 if given by 2 parents, this interest is liable for tax. Please contact HMRC for advice.
  3. This account is intended to encourage healthy savings habits within younger savers. If you would like us to contact you throughout the account term with additional information such as hints, tips and competitions, please provide us with your email address on the application form

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