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Jenny and Rory: Learn how to save

This is a story, about a young boy called Rory

who wanted to learn how to save.

Just like his friend Jenny, who had a few pounds and a penny.

She could buy the things that were her fave.

From bikes to kites, she really had great toys,

even ones that made loads of NOISE.

Jenny had it all, even a football!

But Rory wanted the toys Jenny had for himself, So he said to his dad

"I really think I would like a remote control car, I could drive it quite far.."

"Or perhaps a Dinosaur that makes an incredible ROAR!,

or a ticket to the zoo, I could go with you?"

"Well," said Rory's Dad..."You're a sensible lad,

if you save your pennies, you could have as many as Jenny

and then you can buy whatever you like...

perhaps even a brand new bike"

"But I don't know how"...said Rory, which is the point of the story...

He started off thinking where to get some cash, when he remembered about the money he got from his birthday bash!

He asked Jenny for her top tips, and she told him, while she munched on some chips,

I help mum clean the house. Once, I came across a little mouse!

I help Dad with washing his car and listen to my annoying brother play his guitar,

I save it all up, even the smallest amount, and I put it all in a Saffron savings account

Once I have saved up all my pennies, thought Rory, I too can be just like Jenny.

So for the next few weeks, he did just that...helping around the house, even hoovering the doormat.

Within a month he had what he needed, "Come to the shop with me Jenny" he pleaded

He thought carefully about his first purchase, and didn't want to rush.

He knew his parents would say

“get something sensible, like a toothbrush!”

But he decided on ... [download the PDF, print it out and draw what you think Rory bought]