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Cash ISA savings accounts

No matter what you are saving for a Cash ISA will ensure you don't pay tax on your savings.

We have a range of Cash ISAs to choose from including immediate access and fixed rate Cash ISAs.

ProductMinimum depositTax-free p.a. / AER*
One Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA£500 +0.70%More
Easy Access Cash ISA (Issue 2)£1 +0.50%More
One Year Fixed Rate Maturity Cash ISA£500 +0.80%More
Maturity Cash ISA£1 +0.25%More

* The cash-isa rate is the contractual rate of interest payable where interest is exempt from income tax. The annual equivalent rate (AER) is a notional rate which illustrates what the gross interest rate would be if the interest was paid and added to the account annually.