Pension Shortfall Calculator

Get a quick view on how much your pension could be reduced by the longer you wait you to get started.

Please ensure that there is a minimum of 10 years between the age you are now and the age you would like to retire. The normal minimum retirement age is 55.

These figures are based on a Stakeholder Pension and assume a yearly growth rate of 7% with fund charges of 1% each year. Your pension plans may grow at a lower or higher rate than 7%.

We've assumed that your contributions are level and don't increase in line with inflation over the time that you save.

Pension planning is a complex issue and you should see an IFA for personal financial advice. This is an educational tool only, an unadvised generic guide.

These figures are only illustrative and are not guaranteed.

Inflation over the period of any investment will reduce the buying power of the amount you get back.