Childrens Savings Application Pack

  1. Before we can open an account, each applicant will need to provide us with two identification documents; one proof of identify and one proof of address.

  2. Please do not send original documents to us. We cannot accept any liability for the safety of these documents whilst they are in the post.

  3. If you send your documents in the post they will need to be certified

    Documents can only be certified by certain individuals.

    Click for full details about the identification that we will accept and how to get your documents certified.

  4. If you bring your documents into one of our branches then we will certify them for you.

    Find your nearest branch

  5. If you send us a cheque to open your account this must be made payable to the child, not the signatory(s).

  6. Please make sure you read the Savings Terms & Conditions, Savings charges, Privacy Notice and Complaints procedure before you apply for your account.

    Reading this information is important.

    Failure to comply with these requirements will result in us not being able to open your account.

How to apply for this account

To apply for this account you can either request an application pack to be sent to you or you can download and print an application form.

Request a Childrens Savings Application Pack to be sent to youDownload our Children's Application Form

Please return all completed forms to:

Saffron House,
1A Market Street,
Saffron Walden,
CB10 1HX