A couple plan to build their own home. A couple plan to build their own home.

How easy is it to build your own home?

Building your own home might be something you hadn't considered before.

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Self Build & Custom Build Mortgages

Do you dream of starting from scratch, buying a plot of land and building your own home? Or perhaps you’re looking to find a place that needs a complete refurbishment where you can put your own stamp on it. At Saffron, we understand dreamers and our self-build mortgage is designed for you.

Because it’s likely that your project will take shape over a period of time, we’ll release your funds in stages in line with the progress of the build. An added benefit is that you can choose to repay interest-only until the project is completed.

  • Funds released in line with the progress of the project so you’re not paying interest on funds you’re not using
  • Interest-only until project completion
  • Expert help from our friendly Mortgage Advisers
  • Available for custom-build

What is custom build?

Custom build homes are self-built homes that are facilitated by a professional developer. They offer the chance to have a unique property that suits an individual’s lifestyle and preferences but minus the high degree of involvement associated with traditional self-builds. Custom building can describe a single one-off home commissioned by an individual and built by a developer, or a group of homes built by a developer but offering the future occupants the chance to tailor the design.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Our self-build mortgages

Self Build Mortgage [Interest Only]

  • Initial rate3.99% Variable
  • The overall cost for comparison is4.8% APRC
  • Product period24 months
  • Max Gross Development Value75%
  • Arrangement fee1.00% of the loan
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A mortgage of £291,325 payable over 2 years on a 1.65% discount off our current Standard Variable Rate Mortgage of 5.64% to give a current rate payable of 3.99% (variable) would require 24 monthly payments of £968.66.

The total amount payable would be £292,293.66 made up of the loan amount plus interest (£1,003.66), an application fee of £135 and a redemption fee of £80.

The overall cost for comparison is 4.8% APRC representative.

Unfinished house. Home Remodeling and Renovation. Painting house wall with stucco and plastering.

Is 2019 the year to build your own home?

The popularity of self-builds is starting to grow and there is more and more support available to turn ideas into reality.

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self build case study - matthew-switzer.

Self-build case study

One of the most satisfying aspects of what we do at Saffron is to see how our work can help people fulfil their ambitions.

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