Making House Moves More Affordable

At Saffron Building Society we understand the challenges many families face up and down the country, speaking to people in our branches we get a real sense of how difficult it can be to save for a deposit, and how frustrating it is when you want to make your next move to provide more space for a growing family.

For many years though we feel we’ve succeeded in talking to people about their options and providing new ideas to make that next move happen. And increasingly, we see that a family comes together at the time of a house move to provide financial support.

Gifted deposits. Mother and daughter.

How we help families help each other

Research suggests that over 305,000 parents helped their children onto the housing ladder in 2016, with the value of their support averaging £17,5003. Speaking to customers though we notice that people are often unaware of the different options available for funding a deposit.

For example, a gifted deposit is an effective way of raising money if you have a relative generous enough to help. This is a sum given by a family member which forms all or part of the deposit when you buy a property. At Saffron Building Society we can accept gifted deposits on our mortgages, for more information on how they work please visit:

Alternative ways to find your ideal home

We’ve also noticed more interest in people building their own houses, and there is good reason why. According to the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA), the average self-builder saves 15% to 20% on a house compared to what it would cost to buy4. Although the term ‘self-builder’ may conjure up an image of Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs discussing an ambitious project requiring a small fortune to complete, building your own home can assume many different forms.

‘Self-build’ describes a project in which someone directly organises the design and construction of their home. It covers a wide range of developments such as traditional houses, renovation of existing properties, basement conversions and even large extensions.

It might be something you hadn’t considered before, but if that’s the case you’re not alone, as only 8% of new UK homes are self-builds. They are much more popular in many other countries, such as Germany, where 60% of new homes are self-built, and Japan, where the proportion is 90%4. Nonetheless, the popularity of self-builds in the UK is starting to grow and there is more support available to make this approach feasible.

You can also give your family a head start if you are lucky enough to own a plot of land which can be released. However, all parties should seek financial and/or legal advice about the implications for them before entering into such a transaction.

Saffron Building Society

Our advisers are always happy to talk about your next home and explain how we can help. We have a range of mortgages which could work for you, whether you’re a first-time buyer, self-employed, looking to build your own home or even a developer contemplating a new project. If you want to talk to someone about your plans then we’ll make time to see how we can help..


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