Couple packing boxes before moving house. Couple packing boxes before moving house.

Moving with your mortgage

We can help you move your mortgage deal to your new home


Moving home is an exciting time but there is always a lot that needs to be organised to make your house move happen. Budgeting the costs of moving, selling your own home, finding your next one and of course arranging your mortgage. We’re always looking for ways to make such a busy time as easy as possible and you can find helpful hints and tips on our Saffron Focus page. On Saffron Focus you’ll be able to read about how to make house moves more affordable and information on the costs involved in buying a new home. There are lots of other helpful articles too.

Below you’ll be able to find support in relation to your mortgage and your options when moving and looking to port your mortgage. It all depends on whether you want to keep your mortgage the same, reduce its size or borrow more.

I’d like to keep my mortgage the same

If you want to keep your current Saffron mortgage deal and transfer it to a new home then we may be able to help. You’ll need to contact us so that we can see which mortgage you’re on as not all of our mortgages are portable. Please note, if the mortgage is portable, we only allow for a simultaneous purchase and sale, so the day you sell your existing home is the day you buy your next.

If you need to know more then give us a call and we’ll explain the process to you in detail.

I’d like to reduce the size of my mortgage

If you are downsizing and need to reduce the size of your mortgage, we can certainly help.

A quick call to one of our team will enable us to identify the right product to help you make your move.

I'd like to borrow some more

It may be that you want to top up the difference between your existing mortgage and the amount you need for your new property. This is possible in many cases but we’ll need to check your current circumstances to determine how much we can lend to you. However, we always do everything we can to lend our customers the money they need and all our applications are reviewed to see what can be done. We don’t just rely on computers to make a yes or no decision, it’s all about looking for ways to help.

What else you should know

Please be aware that on occasions there may be an early repayment charge. This depends entirely on the terms of the existing mortgage; some carry an early repayment charge while others do not. It’s best to speak to us so we can double check.

You also need to think about valuation fees for your next home. If your existing mortgage deal is being transferred to a new property, we'll need to carry out a valuation of the new property, just as we would for a new mortgage application. You can read more on the valuation fees section of our website site or simply give us a call.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

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