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Financial Reports

Annual reports and accounts

At the end of every year, we publish our Annual Report and Accounts which are made available to all members. Members get a copy in the post in March of each year, along with information about our AGM.

2019 results

Annual Members' Review 2019

Incorporating the Summary Financial Statement and Notice of Annual General Meeting

Annual Report and Accounts 2019

Previous results

Annual Members' Review 2018

Annual Report and Accounts 2018

Annual Report and Accounts 2017

Annual Report and Accounts 2016

Other Documents

Pillar 3 Disclosure document 2019

Rules of Saffron Building Society

Country by Country Reporting

Terms of Reference of Board Committees

The terms of reference for the: Remuneration and Loans, Risk, Audit and Compliance, and Nominations Committees are available on request from Harriet Hollowell, Assistant Society Secretary at: