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Care Home Fees

Whilst life expectancy has increased and most of us live longer, it is possible that this could be in poor health. If you require care in later life the cost will normally come from the value of what you own.

The Estate Planning Consultant can offer up to date information on care home fees, to help you make provisions for this.


Probate is the process of proving who is entitled to deal with the estate of someone who has died, and finding out who is entitled to benefit from the estate.

Even if you're named as an executor in a Will, you'll need a legal document called a 'grant of probate' to give you the right to sort out their affairs.

The Will Writing Company's experienced, professional service ensures that probate is granted efficiently and assets are distributed quickly by;

  • Providing clear and straightforward advice on applying for probate
  • Offering a no obligation home visit to assess probate, legal and tax needs
  • Agreeing in advance a fully inclusive fixed fee for managing the probate process for you


There are many types of trusts that can either be written into a Will, or set up during your lifetime, and although each one is designed for a specific purpose, the principal reason is for the long-term protection of assets and estate preservation for future generations. The most common reason to set up a trust is to provide for a child who will only receive access to the assets once they have reached a certain age. This service can also help with inheritance protection.

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