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Put it in writing with Estate Planning Consultants

Estate Planning

At Saffron Building Society we have teamed up with The Will Writing Company to provide our customers with an expert estate planning service. Estate planning is something that could be required at any time. Planning ahead is essential, so that you, the people around you and your belongings are protected.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning involves putting plans in place that can help you and your family be better prepared for any eventuality. This can range from having someone you trust make the best decisions on your behalf if you lose capacity, to deciding how you would like your estate divided and who benefits. Family members, friends or a chosen charity?

The Estate Planning Consultants can answer any questions you feel unsure about to give you peace of mind that your wishes will be reflected.

What next?

The Will Writing Company offer an initial consultation for free, where you can discuss what your needs might be.

It is easy to put this sort of decision off, but putting your wishes in writing can offer you and your family assurance they will be carried out correctly.

These pages give more detail about the services, please ask a member of staff if you have any questions or to book an appointment to speak to an expert.

The Next Step

Ask in branch, call us on 0800 072 1100 or email to make an appointment with an Estate Planning Consultant.