Saffron Community Fund

At Saffron we have an endowment fund with Essex Community Foundation (ECF) Registered Charity Number 1052061. The fund is invested to maximise resources for grant giving now and in the future. ECF matches applications from voluntary organisations and individuals to the funds we hold and also manages Saffron flow-through funds from various efforts such as the Community Choir and staff events.

Our grant panel, made up of both Saffron Staff and members, meet annually with ECF to consider applications and to distribute the funds available.

If you are involved in any organisation within the East of England and would like to be considered for a grant please visit The application process closes at the end of September.

Grants awarded via our Community Fund

Thanks to your hard work, sponsorship, Choir, dress down and the Society Endowment Fund with Essex Community Foundation, we have a massive total of £8,748 to give to worthy causes in 2017

  • £2,000

    To support the cost of Saturday PLay club and under-19 youth project in Uttlesford.

  • £2,000

    Brighten the blues project. Helping parents living in Herts, who are showing signs of mental health issues.

  • £2,000

    To support the employment cost of a part-time administrator at a centre providing social care for the elderly.

  • £1,848

    To help extend the building of the growing Youth Centre in Newport

  • £500

    To support operating costs of an organisation which collects, stores and distributes furniture and other household items to those in need.

  • £400

    To help with volunteer travelling expenses.