Annual Reports and Accounts

At the end of every year, we publish our Annual Report and Accounts which are made available to all members. Members get a copy in the post in March of each year, along with information about our AGM.

You can view information about our 2016 results here:

Annual Members' Review 2016

Incorporating the Summary Financial Statement and Notice of Annual General Meeting

Annual Report and Accounts 2016

Previous results:

Annual Members' Review 2015 Annual Report and Accounts 2015 Annual Report and Accounts 2014 Annual Report and Accounts 2013

Other Documents:

Pillar 3 Disclosure document 2016 Rules of Saffron Building Society Country by Country Reporting

Terms of Reference of Board Committees

The terms of reference for the: Remuneration and Loans, Risk, Audit and Compliance, and Nominations Committees are available on request from Darren Garner, Society Secretary at: