07 September 2018

Saffron Building Society supports St Nicholas Hospice Care

Donation contributes to ‘Hospice Neighbours’ scheme

Saffron Building Society is supporting St Nicholas Hospice Care by donating a £2000 contribution to the Haverhill based charity’s ‘Hospice Neighbours’ scheme.

The aim of the scheme is to link local residents suffering from long term and life limiting illnesses to volunteers from the community who can help with housework, gardening or simply provide much needed companionship - helping local communities to help themselves.

As illnesses progress, patients can become isolated and lonely because getting out becomes increasingly difficult. At the same time, simple everyday tasks that most people take for granted can become overwhelming. The Hospice Neighbours scheme, totalling 16 groups across West Suffolk and South Norfolk, is designed to ease these issues.

With increasing numbers affected by long term illness the practical support offered is needed more than ever. St Nicholas Hospice Care estimates that there are around 2,500 people with life limiting illnesses registered with a GP in Haverhill and believe this number will rise sharply in the future. By 2033 the incidence of cancer will increase by 57 per cent and the number of people with dementia will have increased by 108 per cent1.

The ‘Hospice Neighbours’ scheme works in collaboration with wider community groups in order to maximise impact. In Haverhill St Nicholas’ works with GPs, Care Homes and Carers making them aware of the service so they can refer patients to the scheme.

Colin Field, Victoria Bowman, Claire Hunnable

(left to right): Colin Field (CEO – Saffron Building Society), Victoria Bowman (Trusts Officer, St Nicholas Hospice Care); Claire Hunnable (Senior Executive Assistant & Community Business Partner – Saffron Building Society)

Victoria Bowman, Trusts Officer, St Nicholas Hospice Care said: “In our experience the quality of life for those suffering from life limiting illnesses can be improved significantly through this practical help – even if it just involves popping into a patient’s home for a chat.” Victoria added “The cost of running each of our ‘Hospice Neighbours’ groups is £5,900 per year so financial support from company’s like Saffron Building Society and individual donors is vital for this work to continue and meet the need.”

Colin Field, Saffron Building Society’s CEO said: “Every year Saffron Building Society Community Fund provides donations to local good causes – support from a local business supporting local people. We’re absolutely delighted that St Nicholas Hospice Care is one of the 2018 beneficiaries.”

There are currently 11 ‘Hospice Neighbour’ volunteers in Haverhill who visit around 25 patients each year. New volunteers are welcomed to enable the service to expand and to reduce the current waiting list.

Find out more details about donating to St Nicolas Hospice Care.