22 May 2017

Saffron Building Society Supports Saturday Play Club

As local authorities continue to cut their funding for charities, Saffron Building Society is offering a vital lifeline to local organisations that want to keep serving the community. Saffron Building Society has made another donation from its community fund to the Accuro Saturday Play Club in Saffron Walden.

The Saturday Play Club runs for 42 Saturdays throughout the year at Dame Bradbury’s School. Its aim is to allow children with a range of needs and disabilities to play within a safe, caring environment. Dianne Carter, who oversees the club, explains:

“The club has been hugely successful and helps children to develop confidence and social skills. We enable them to try things they can’t normally do and often take them out on day trips or visits when funding allows. Without the support of local businesses and volunteers we would not be able to exist as we do.”

Accuro Saturday Play Club in Saffron Walden

The grant will be used to fund a play-worker for an entire year.

Claire Hunnable, Community Business Partner at Saffron, believes that more and more charities have been squeezed as a result of the lack of local authority funding. She explained:

“We have seen more and more requests for support over the last few years and we help wherever we can. We meet lots of people like Dianne who work tirelessly to raise funds and provide services in our local communities. It is important to us that we can help.”

The Saturday Play Club caters for children between 6 and 16 who live in Uttlesford. If you would like to learn more about their services you can visit their website or email Dianne. They are also keen to hear from people in Saffron Walden who may be able to devote time on Saturdays to help the children engage in fun activities.