21 June 2017

Saffron Building Society Supports Newport Youth Project

Saffron Building Society has made a donation from its community fund to the Newport Youth Club. The club was set up in 2006 and has continued to grow over the years through the hard work of its volunteers and its commitment to fundraising. The club is currently thriving and the donation from Saffron Building Society will be used to extend the space and add to the facilities.

Claire Hunnable, the Community Business Partner at Saffron, explains why they chose to get involved with the Newport Youth club:

“When we award grants from our endowment fund, we look for projects that make a positive and long-term difference to the community. We feel the youth club in Newport is an exceptional community asset and our support will really help the volunteers to build on their great work. You only need to spend a few minutes in the place to get a sense of how well used and loved it is.”

Newport Youth Project

Andrew Yarwood is one of the founders of the club and has been helping it to develop for over ten years. Originally set up in a Scouts’ building, he has seen the club increase what it can offer to young people in the area. In 2011 they built their own premises, which has extended what they can offer. Saffron’s grant will be used to create more storage space, leaving more room for people using the facilities.

“We are extremely grateful to Saffron Building Society, whose funds are really going to help us out. We value the fact that they have taken time to visit us, and shown great interest in what we do here and how we operate. It was clear that their staff were familiar with the area and cared about how the money was going to be used.”

The youth club offers a place for friends to meet away from the streets. The facilities include a table tennis table, a place to play video games, a pool table, a basketball and badminton area, and have other activities from time to time such as archery.

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