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Here are some articles about anything and everything going on in the Society. Maybe you want to find out more about our mortgages or savings? The services we provide for our Members? Or you want to know about how we support our local community. We hope you find them interesting.

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  • Busy Family Home With Mother Working As Father Prepares Meal.

    Complex Income Mortgages

    The world has changed a lot, and many workers are now looking for more flexible arrangements or different approaches to earning a living. At Saffron we believe many lenders have failed to keep pace with changes in working practices ...

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  • Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.

    Smart homes and reducing the cost of living

    Technology is often designed to reduce the cost of running your home, for example through more efficient temperature control systems. Increasingly, manufacturers are building ...

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  • A typical british road with houses in London, with colored doors and fireplaces on the roofs.

    How to make sense of house prices

    Are you thinking of moving home but are unsure which way house prices are going? Do you have a house to sell but wonder where to value it? House prices have lately become unpredictable ...

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  • Family going into their new home for the first time.

    Making House Moves More Affordable

    We understand the challenges many families face up and down the country, speaking to people in our branches we get a real sense of how difficult it can be to save for a deposit ...

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  • Your guide to self-build mortgages

    Your guide to self-build mortgages

    Read our Self Build Guide to find out how we can help you build your dream home

  • Family going into their new home for the first time.

    How to make your next move

    Recent research shows that a quarter of people hoping to take the next step up the property ladder believe that this is harder than getting on it in the first place ...

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  • A couple plan to build their own home with a model.

    How to build your own home?

    If you have the resources and the motivation then building your own home can be very cost effective. But most people build their own property as they want the freedom to create their ideal home ...

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  • A couple plan to build their own home.

    How easy is it to build your own home?

    According to the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA), the average self-builder saves 15% to 20% on the cost of a house compared to what it would cost to buy the same property ...

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  • Newport Youth Project

    Saffron Building Society supports Newport Youth Project

    Saffron Building Society has made a donation from its community fund to the Newport Youth Club. The club was set up in 2006 and has continued to grow over the years ...

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  • Saturday Play Club

    Saffron Building Society supports Saturday Play Club

    As local authorities continue to cut their funding for charities, Saffron Building Society is offering a vital lifeline to local organisations that want to keep serving ...

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  • Support for people who are self-employed or contracting

    More and more people are choosing self-employment and flexible working. In March of this year, the Office for National Statistics released its UK Labour Market report ...

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  • Saving for a deposit

    If you are saving for a deposit on your first home, or looking to move house, then the current economic forecasts could make you feel a little anxious. With so much change ...

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  • The costs involved in buying your first home or a new home

    When people are looking to buy their first house or a new home, they sometimes get fixated on the price of the property but lose sight of the other costs involved ...

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  • Hints and tips for first time buyers

    If you are buying your first house you’ll be preparing one of the longest ‘to-do’ lists of your life. While it’s impossible to tell you everything you need to know ...

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  • What is the difference between savings and investments?

    Savings and investments are terms regularly used when creating plans. They are two unique propositions; so it’s important to understand the differences between ...

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  • Saffron Building Society Support For The Over Sixties

    Saffron Building Society has made another donation from its community fund to the Halstead Day Centre, which provides invaluable support for people over 60 years of age ...

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  • Saffron Building Society supports The Colchester Night Shelter

    Saffron Building Society has always supported local charities as part of its commitment to the local community through grants. They are pleased to announce that they ...

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  • How we make your mortgage application straightforward

    How is Saffron different from other building societies and mortgage lenders? It’s one of the most common questions I am asked, so I thought I would put pen to paper ...

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  • A look at our Savings Review

    Everyone has a different reason to save, whether it’s buying a car, improving your home or getting married. You might just need a place to ...

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  • How we do things differently

    he process for buying a new home can be confusing. I was recently talking to our mortgage advisers about the problems our customers face and it’s clear that more can be done ...

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  • Saffron Highly Commended for Best Children’s Account Provider

    Saffron Building Society has been Highly Commended for the ‘Best Children's Account Provider' category in the Savings Champion Awards 2017 ...

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