Saffron Building Society's AGM

Our Society's 169th AGM took place at 4pm on Tuesday 25 April 2019 at The Nucleus at Chesterford Research Park.

All six of the resolutions proposed were passed by majority vote, with the results as follows:

Resolutions proposed Votes for Percentage
First Resolution : To receive the Annual Report & Accounts 3299 97.84
Second Resolution : To re-appoint Deloitte LLP as auditors 3188 93.02
Third Resolution : To approve the Directors Remuneration Report 2868 87.15
Fourth Resolution : To elect DARREN LEE GARNER as a Director 3128 94.02
Fifth Resolution : To elect ELIZABETH KELLY as a Director 3161 94.73
Sixth Resolution : To elect JENNIFER ASHMORE as a Director 3127 93.82

We would like to thank all those who voted for their support.

2018 Results

You can view information about our 2018 results here:

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